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There’s no need for the Phillies to sign another reliever this offseason

We’ve reached the point in the offseason, slow as it has been, where the mid-tier relievers are starting come off the board. Hard to say whether they were waiting for Josh Hader to come off the board since he was in a tier by himself, but of late, the deals have been trickling in a little more than before. While not all of these players were targets of the Phillies per se, they are relievers nonetheless. These are some of the names that have put their name on the dotted line since Hader went to Houston:

  • Robert Stephenson
  • Aroldis Chapman
  • Matt Moore
  • David Robertson
  • Adam Ottavino
  • Hector Neris

Relievers are always in abundance when the offseason starts thanks to the proliferation of the one-year deal, so options are still out there if the team so chooses, but think about this.