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Retroactive Phillies offseason grades: 2017

The 2016 Phillies exceeded (very low) expectations to win 71 games, an eight-game improvement from the year before. Did that prompt the team to embark on a spending spree to take the team to the next level?

No, they were still rebuilding, so there weren’t going to be any marquee signings. However, the team did acquire some major league veterans who would theoretically improve the team on the field, while not hampering future plans.

The big moves

  • Signed pitcher Jeremy Hellickson as a free agent (one year)
  • Signed outfielder Michael Saunders as a free agent (one year)
  • Signed reliever Joaquin Benoit as a free agent (one year)
  • Traded for starter Clay Buchholz
  • Traded for infielder Howie Kendrick
  • Traded for reliever Pat Neshek

How did they do?