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Phillies 2017 Season Preview: Closer Jeanmar Gomez

Mr. Electricity is getting one more shot to close for the Phillies.

The guy is as thrilling as plain toast. He’s as exhilarating as watching your arm hair grow. He is Jeanmar Gomez, the closer-for-now for Philadelphia.

With Gomez, there is no fire-breathing fastball. No heavy metal entrance music. No Moses-esque facial hair. No cray-cray eyes staring down clean-up hitters. None of that. And, after an up-and-down (more like an up-and-way-way-waaaaaay-down) 2016, Phillies manager Pete Mackanin said it’s Gomez job in 2017.

My response to that: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat.

But Mackanin told Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer last month: “I believe he deserves to be called our closer at this point.