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Panthers 2, Flyers 1: Martin Jones’ best game of the season can’t break the Flyers losing streak

The Flyers brought their new lines, 22-year-old call-up, and back-up goalie into one of the toughest places to win a game this season, carrying with them a three-game losing streak, the weight of multiple injuries, and some road-weary legs, and somehow played the league-leading Florida Panthers to a tight 2-1 game, losing 2:39 into the overtime period.

The Panthers dominated the puck for large stretches of the game, but the Flyers were able to slow things down and create some chaos with some big, timely hits and post-whistle scenarios leading to concurrent penalties. Additionally, they blocked a ton of shots and were able to get many of their shot attempts on net, essentially creating as much work for the still-undefeated-in-regulation Sergei Bobrovsky as they allowed on Martin Jones.