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The Eagles are facing a D’Andre Swift conundrum going into the 2024 offseason

The start of free agency is on the horizon and the Philadelphia Eagles have some tricky decisions to make. Perhaps the most difficult of all will be coming to a conclusion on the future of D’Andre Swift, who razzled and dazzled his way to his first ever Pro Bowl nomination in 2023.

Historically, the Eagles don’t pay running backs. Ever since the DeMarco Murray implosion of 2015, Howie Roseman has veered away from pinning his hopes on one man, instead opting for committee efforts. It’s hard to really go against that logic, either.

Eagles rushing ranks during the regular season

2023: 9th
2022: 3rd
2021: 15th
2020: 24th
2019: 14th
2018: 14th
2017: 7th
2016: 22nd

The Eagles have a specific formula for building their backfield

With 3 top-10 rushing offenses to their name, the Eagles have essentially moneyballed their way to success, with an average rushing rank of 13th in that span despite never really paying anyone.