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Kaepernick's act is a non-starter for Lurie's Eagles | Marcus Hayes

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Give Jeffrey Lurie credit. He never backed down.

Not when asked whether he would sign Colin Kaepernick to his Eagles; not when asked whether players should protest; not when asked whether Kaepernick had been blacklisted; and not when asked whether it was appropriate that Kaepernick sat, then knelt, during the national anthem last season in his crusade to end the epidemic of excessive force used by police when dealing with African Americans.

Last week, Lurie made plain his feelings for Kaepernick’s actions and words. So far, no owner has addressed Kaepernick more thoroughly. Lurie spoke for himself only, but he offered a glimpse at why other owners would hire Blaine Gabbert, Josh McCown or Mike Glennon instead of Kaepernick.