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Eagles' life in Anaheim includes Nigel Bradham using Mike Trout's locker

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — This is a strange week for the Eagles in many ways. Linebacker Nigel Bradham is dressing in Mike Trout’s Angel Stadium locker stall; Bradham was very interested in his first glimpse of a Major League Baseball clubhouse setup, with fewer lockers than the NFL requires, and large, leather couches set up around TVs on pillars in the middle of the room.

“It’s nice, I can see how they do things. That couch needs to be in my basement or somewhere,” Bradham said. “It’s perfect.”

Trout, the Millville, N.J. native who is Eagles’ most fervent baseball-playing fan, isn’t in California this week, but he made sure each Eagles player had a Mike Trout bobblehead in his locker stall, along with a note of welcome to Angel Stadium.