LeSean McCoy Returning To Philly? DeSean Jackson Wants NFL Players Mic'd Up | Philadelphia Eagles News & Rumors

The latest Philadelphia Eagles news includes DeSean Jackson calling for all NFL Players to wear mics during the 2020 NFL season if there are no fans in the stands. Jackson thinks that allowing fans to hear the player-to-player conversations would add some excitement to everyone watching from home. Also, multiple Eagles players including Lane Johnson expressed their desire for former Eagles RB LeSean McCoy to be re-signed. Host Thomas Mott breaks it all down on today’s Philadelphia Eagles Now video. 

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NFL free agency rumors have been heating up around LeSean McCoy over the past few days as reports suggest the Eagles are interested in signing the ex-Eagles RB. Reports suggest that the Eagles tried for Carlos Hyde and have extended a contract offer to Devonta Freeman. Could Shady McCoy be the Eagles last shot at adding a veteran RB to the Eagles 2020 roster?

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DeSean Jackson recently went on Lane Johnson’s youtube channel and talked about his expectations for the 2020 NFL Season. The season could be held without fans in the stands. If that is the case, Jackson said he would like for fans to be able to listen in on all on-field activities via microphones. NBC’s Peter King recently released an article with his 2020 NFL Power Rankings. Where do the Eagles rank compared to their other NFC East counterparts?

Here are the latest NFL rumors & news discussed on today's episode of Philadelphia Eagles Now:
- DeSean Jackson thinks all NFL players should be mic'd up?
- LeSean McCoy returning to Philadelphia?
- Peter King's preseason NFL power rankings

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