The 5 Toughest Games On The Philadelphia Eagles' 2015 Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles have a tough road ahead of them in their quest to secure a berth in the NFL Playoffs next season. These are the 5 toughest games standing between the 2015 Eagles and a postseason berth.

5. Arizona Cardinals (December 20th)

The Cards' offense may have some question marks surrounding the health of Carson Palmer, but oh that defense. Arizona's in prime position to duke it out with the Seattle Seahawks at the top of the NFC West, and their defense will be in swarming mode with the season winding down.

4. @ Carolina Panthers (October 25th)

This may be less about the quality opponent in front of the Eagles and more about the game's positioning. It's a Sunday Night Football game in Charlotte for an Eagles team heading into a bye week. That's the epitome of a trap game on the road.

3. @ Dallas Cowboys (November 8th)

Cowboys. Eagles. In Arlington. There's not much more to say about this one except you can always expect an all-out brouhaha when these two rivals lock horns, regardless of the field.

2. @ New England Patriots (December 6th)

The defending champs fell from the #1 spot on this list due to the outside distractions that will likely follow them throughout the 2015 season. Brady will be back with a couple months of on-field work behind him, so this remains one of the most dangerous games on the schedule for Chip Kelly's crew.

1. @ Detroit Lions (November 26th)

The Detroit Lions' improved offensive line could be the key to a deep playoff run in 2015, giving the team's offensive firepower room to breathe and put up pinball-like scoring numbers. Add in a criminally underrated defense and here's your doozy on this coming season's schedule.

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