Predicting All Major Offensive Stat Leaders For the Eagles’ Upcoming Season

In 2013, Nick Foles threw 2,891 yards in 13 games.  He was extremely efficient, throwing only two interceptions and 27 touchdowns with a receiving core including then pro-bowl receiver DeSean Jackson, and oddly efficient Riley Cooper.  While doing a remarkable job at taking care of the ball, Foles did not have the most possible throwing yards, or touchdowns in a system like Chip Kelly’s.

The two times in his career where Bradford played more than 10 games, he threw for 3,512 yards in his rookie campaign during 2010, and 3,702 yards in 2012.  He threw 21 touchdowns in 2012, and 18 in 2010.  All of these were with an awful receiving core led by Laurent Robinson, Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander and Brandon Gibson.  Also in 2010, his receivers dropped a total of 22 balls in 2010, and 18 in 2012.  Now, two ACL tears later, Bradford has much better players lining up for him: Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, and Zach Ertz.

This being said, the prediction is based off of if Bradford plays more than 13 games, and is able to stay relatively healthy.  If the offensive line can provide the needed protection for Bradford, he should see success. Chip Kelly will create the space he needs to succeed; but again-  IF he stays healthy.

Other notable players: None

Rushing yards and touchdowns: Demarco Murray- 1,300 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns

Demarco Murray's 2014 season was one that will sadly never be repeated by him.  He rushed nearly 400 times, with 392 carries and 13 rushing touchdowns.  Running behind the league's best offensive line, he totalled 1,485 yards, leading the league and winning AP offensive player of the year,

This year, Demarco shares the Eagles backfield with Ryan Mathews, and Darren Sproles.  Demarco will still be the featured back in Chip Kelly's offense, but there are still some question marks.  It is unknown Ryan Mathews' role yet, and (again) if Demarco gets injured.  Last year was the only time in his career where he played all 16 games.

But, you can't go wrong with Chip Kelly and a reigning AP offensive player of the year and rushing leader.  Demarco will succeed, but to an extent.  Since he is the most physical running back on the Eagles, he will most likely get the red zone touches.  He will do what Chip wants him to do, because, in the end, it is Chip Kelly's team and he makes the final decisions.

Other notable players- Ryan Mathews(700 yards, 5 touchdowns), Darren Sproles(400 yards, 3 touchdowns)

Receiving yards: Nelson Agholor- 1,200 yards

Agholor is the ideal replacement for Jeremy Maclin, not to mention the fact that they are identical.  Agholor is measured as 6'0 1/8", 198 lbs, 32 1/4" arms, and 9 1/4" hands.  Jeremy Maclin, Eagles first round draft pick in 2009 who left the team in free agency this past year, has the exact same numbers.  The Eagles needed a receiver due to the departure of Maclin, and Chip drafted a younger, less expensive version of Maclin.

In his last year at USC, Agholor caught 104 passes for 1,313 yards, and 12 touchdowns along with 2 return touchdowns.  Because of his ability to line up outside and inside, he should start right where Maclin left off; who had 85 catches for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns last year.

Other notable players: Jordan Matthews(1,100 yards), Josh Huff(500 yards), Zach Ertz(450 yards), Darren Sproles (400 yards).

Receiving touchdowns: Jordan Matthews- 11 touchdowns

During his rookie campaign, Matthews finished with 8 touchdowns, but played a limited role while Nick Foles was under center.  When Sanchez came in, Matthews started to show why the Eagles drafted him.  He was a reliable red zone target, with very strong hands and the concentration to keep his feet in bounds.

Expect Matthews to lead the Eagles receivers and be a true NFL threat.  He should have no problem with the change at quarterback, with Sam Bradford being able to read the defense relatively well.

Other notable players: Nelson Agholor(5 touchdowns), Zach Ertz(4 touchdowns) Josh Huff(3 touchdowns), Darren Sproles(3 touchdowns).

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