Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: The Eagles Must Make Every Second Count Against the Kansas City Chiefs

With the Kansas City Chiefs a bit ‘stingy’ with allowing points this season, the Philadelphia Eagles must certainly make the most out of their opportunities when they take on Kansas City Thursday night.

For the Eagles, points have never been an issue, especially in their first couple of games. Most of this is thanks to efficiency - the Eagles put up 30 points against San Diego despite only 19 minutes and 43 seconds of possession. Since Philadelphia isn't able to stop their competitors from getting into the end zone, they have to know that scoring field goals won’t be enough against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“If you get an opportunity to get out there on the field, you have to execute to the utmost because that play right there could be the difference between winning and losing the football game,” head coach Chip Kelly told

The assumption is that if the Eagles will sling the ball all over the field against the Chiefs, they'll do well. DeSean Jackson has been a potent weapon for the Eagles offense, and if they get the passing game in gear early they could break out for an early lead.

The problem is, the Chiefs have been amazing on the defense so far. In the first two weeks of the season, former Eagles head coach Andy Reid has seemingly found some new tricks up his sleeve.

Without a doubt, Thursday night's matchup will be an exciting game to watch out for!

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