Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Possible Replacements for Andy Reid

Updated 12/21/12 1:00pm ET

Rumors are starting to swirl as to whether or not the Eagles will keep Andy Reid after an abysmal season.

After a horrendous showing on national television this week against the lowly Cincinnati Bengals, it seems that the Eagles might finally be ready to move on from Andy Reid.

The most likely candidate to replace Andy Reid seems to be Oregon's head coach Chip Kelly.

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Kelly is thought to want to want to leave Oregon this offseason because his team might face NCAA violations in the near future and boosters have been unhappy with his personality.

If the Eagles choose to keep Michael Vick this offseason, it would be terrifying to see how dangerous Kelly can make Vick in his high tempo offensive system.

Lets hope that these rumors come true, because the Eagles desperately need a boost of any kind for next season.

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