Philadelphia Eagles News: What Is Expected Of Zach Ertz?

It came as a shock to some when the Philadelphia Eagles went for Zach Ertz as their 35th overall pick. But it is still exciting to see the player land for the Eagles as a rookie tight end. There were some analyses that thought he will go for the Atlanta Falcons with the end of the first round as Tony Gonzalez is already at the end of his own career.

Once you do a research on Ertz, you would easily realize how athletic he is. With his size, you would be amazed how he can move swift, making him an interesting player to watch. He is considered an amazing route runner too who takes advantage of his size so that he can differentiate himself from all the defenders.

In short, he is extremely athletic enough to play right on the slot and be able to come up with some mismatches with the linebackers and even the small corners. He can also serve as a red zone threat to those in the table. He is one major role player right in the red zone.

If there is one thing that we can expect from Ertz will only be the best. Knowing he is very talented and can play in any field, he is guy that will not avoid the defenders once he catches that ball. He is one exciting player to watch out for the Eagles even in the coming years.

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