Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Rumors: Is Gus Bradley the Leading Candidate for the Head Coach Position?

Updated 1/15/2013 11:25am ET

According to rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles have suddenly become very high on the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, as a possible candidate for their head coaching position.

Gus has already interviewed once with the Eagles and the Eagles announced last night that they will bring him back today for a second interview.  Given that the Eagles have interviewed many candidates already, and he is the first to be offered a second interview, this is a very big deal for the Eagles.

The Eagles have most recently interviewed the likes of Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden, and for Arizona Cardinals head coach, Ken Whisenhunt.

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Bradley has stood out the most amongst his fellow candidates because he has the most proven skill on the defensive side of the ball.

In just four seasons with the Seahawks, he has taken a mediocre defense at best and made it into one of the leagues elite defensive powers.

If Gus is to be named the next head coach of the Eagles, look for an announcement from the Philadelphia club sometime later this week.

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