Philadelphia Eagles Breaking News: LeSean McCoy Under New Head Coach

The running back of Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy admitted on his own that he did not have much of a good 2012 campaign due to an injury. But now, McCoy can already say goodbye to the past as he begins a fresh start under a brand new coach, Chip Kelly.

Coach Kelly is set to render McCoy the chances to thrive this present season as he is set to do about 20 to 25 carries for every game. He will also be surely relied on too in the passing game as one effective weapon and even play out of the backfield.

It can make others afraid that who they call Shady is someone capable of a high octane offense that depends on a successful run. Eagles’ McCoy has certainly found a certain way to be able to live up with the Pro Bowl type numbers that will be catered to the passing game.

This time, he has all the chance to shine and remain to be the focus point of the entire offense. He is the player that serves to be the most critical to the success of the entire Philadelphia Eagles’. And this time, he is set to show the proper number of carries to show his true worth.

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