Hide your beagle, Michael Vick remaining an Eagle in '13

It has been a tough road for Michael Vick. We all know the story. But after a troubled 2011 and 2012 season, first year Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has decided to run his offense under Michael Vick.

The Philadelphia Eagles and QB Michael Vick agreed on a contract that allows Vick to earn up to $10 million in 2013. The one year deal saves the Eagles more than $5.5 million dollars as Vick was set to earn $15.5 million in the second season of his six-year, $100 million contract extension he signed with Philadelphia in 2011.

In 2012, the horror that was the Philadelphia Eagles ran under the expectation that success was going to come easy. A 4-12 record that saw the departure of coach Andy Reid had lead to what many thought would also be the end of the Michael Vick era in Philadelphia.

But wait just one minute. When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Chip Kelly and his style having of a mobile quarterback, many questioned that Vick could indeed be back in Philadelphia. Just days after the Super Bowl, the Eagles had the option to pick up Vick's three million dollar option, or cut him loose. Philadelphia picked up the struggling quarterback's option, but that did not inevitably mean he would stay with the team that gave him a second chance.

In 2012-2013, Vick's numbers suffered to say the least, so much that rookie QB Nick Foles saw playing time even after Vick was deemed healthy. Recording nine more turnovers than touchdowns (10 interceptions, 11 fumbles), Vick added just 2,362 yards, a QBR of 46.0 and a 78.1 passer rating.

Aside from all of the speculation of who could lead the Eagles under center in 2012, Kelly and his staff decided that Vick will be their man. His current potential in 2013 outweighs the potential for sophomore QB Nick Foles in the eyes of Kelly. And among other things, Vick has been there before, running a team in the toughest of times.

While it may seem that the Eagles are providing Vick with a second "second chance", the Eagles may actually make out from this contract. Whether Vick shines in 2013-2014 or falls in an even deeper hole, QB Nick Foles will get another year of experience under his belt after he was thrown into the snake pit in 2012-2013. If Vick proves himself, he could resign, or the Eagles have the option to once again let him walk.

The Eagles will also be able to delay their QB search another season. Although the Eagles have the fourth pick in the 2013 NFL draft, it is a draft that is depleted of NFL ready QB talent. I would not expect to see the Eagles draft a QB in this draft early, and the free agent class is much of the same.

Now, all that remains is to see whether head coach Chip Kelly and his new staff headlined by new offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur can turn things around in Philadelphia, not only for Vick, but for the organization as a whole.

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