Grades And Analysis Of The Entire Philadelphia Eagles 2015 NFL Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft has reached its conclusion, and it's time to look back on just what the Philadelphia Eagles did in Chicago and how it sets them up for the future. Here's our Grades And Analysis Of The Entire Philadelphia Eagles 2015 NFL Draft.


(All player grades based on spot selected, need, etc.)

1st Round: USC WR Nelson Agholor [Grade: A-]

2nd Round: Utah CB Eric Rowe [Grade: A-]

3rd Round: Texas OLB Jordan Hicks [Grade: A]

6th Round: Kansas CB JaCorey Shepherd [Grade: B]

6th Round: Kansas State CB Randall Evans [Grade: C]

7th Round: Boston College DE Brian Mihalik [Grade: C-]

Overall Grade: B

The back end of this draft isn't likely to bear much fruit, but there's plenty to like about the Agholor/Rowe/Hicks trio up front. Both Rowe and Hicks are high upside prospects with great motors who'll likely be impact players early, and Agholor's work as a precision route runner and returner will have Eagles fans jumping for joy before long. Some may cry foul on this draft, but it's better shape than people are claiming.

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