Eagles Rumors Roundup: Nick Foles' Future Uncertain, Eagles A Player At Trade Deadline?

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The Philadelphia Eagles are in great shape at 5-1, but questions still remain about head coach Chip Kelly's vision for the present and the future.

Will the Eagles mortgage a part of the future with a trade before the deadline? Where does Nick Foles fit in Kelly's future vision of the team? We attempt to answer both of these questions in this latest Eagles Rumors Roundup.

Is The Future Cloudy For Foles In Eagles Green?

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that Nick Foles hasn't exactly set the world on fire in 2014, positing the question of “[w]hether [head coach Chip] Kelly is fine with Foles as the long-term guy.”

"He might have decided - as Arizona coach Bruce Arians suggested last year - that exposing an option quarterback to the speed and brutality of NFL defenses is not a sound idea," Ford posits. "If that's the case, he has proven that the team can win with a Nick Foles, who has now started the equivalent of a full season under Kelly and compiled a 13-3 record in those games. As with any other quarterback, of course, he's a lot easier to like when he's throwing more touchdowns and fewer interceptions."

If Foles continues to win, Ford's analysis could be moot. Kelly won't be looking  for a replacement if Foles continues to win all the way into late January and perhaps February.

Is A Trade Coming Around The Bend?

The Philadelphia Eagles are one NFL team that isn't shy about the art of the trade. GM Howie Roseman has taken big swings before on the market, and SBNation.com's Mike Kaye doesn't see that changing before the October 28th deadline:

While Chip Kelly has been hesitant to bring in new players that are unfamiliar with the playbook (only [Cody] Parkey was not with the team in OTAs), the Eagles still clearly have spots that could be upgraded. While rumors have big names like Vincent Jackson and Jermaine Gresham on the trade block, it may be more likely that the team looks to add depth that can be used in specific packages. Adding depth at running back (with the Darren Sproles injury), a safety (only four on the roster) or something unexpected, may actually serve the team better in the short term than a potential starter that needs time to learn the entire playbook.

The only counter to that might be the old notion of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Sproles will likely return well before the stretch run and the Eagles are already looking at the free agent pools for safeties, so call it about 60/40 that a deal gets done in the next week.

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