Eagles Rumors: Is Teddy Bridgewater a draft option at #23?

In Eagles rumors, there is a discussion taking place over whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles will look long-term toward a potential future franchise quarterback in the 2014 NFL Network.

In an interview for PhiladelphiaEagles.com, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network answered the question of whether or not the Eagles would take a look at former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with the 23rd pick in May's NFL Draft:

"We learned last year, everybody thought it had to be this athletic quarterback to run all over the place, and Foles played out of his mind as not the most mobile player," stated Jeremiah. "Chip values decision-making and accuracy. Those are two strengths of Teddy Bridgewater, decision making and accuracy. But coming off the year (Foles) had last year, 27 touchdowns, two picks, I would be stunned if they took Bridgewater."

The Philadelphia Eagles and coach Chip Kelly may not see Nick Foles as the ideal fit for Kelly's system on paper, yet if Nick Foles continues to produce results there is no virtually no way that they will begin to groom his successor at this point.

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