Eagles Rumors: Chip Kelly Gives Mixed Signals About Potential Marcus Mariota Draft Trade

If you're trying to read Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's hand when it comes to the first round of 2015 NFL Draft and a potential trade-up scenario to grab QB Marcus Mariota, it may be futile until something actually happens.

Kelly wasn't giving up any concrete answers in a recent chat with reporters, citing his "philosophy" about not wanting to trade away draft picks while admitting that an "exception" is always possible.

Via the Washington Post:

“Philosophically? More players are better than one player,” Kelly said. “Philosophically. That’s the history of the game. Study all the trades. What set the Cowboys going forward? They traded one player [Herschel Walker] for multiple players. That’s just: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hitting. It’s not an exact science in the draft. You get a better chance of hitting if you have more draft picks than if you have less draft picks.’ That’s basically it philosophically.”

So Kelly wouldn’t trade up for Mariota based on that philosophy?

“It’s a philosophy,” he said. “There’s an exception to every philosophy. People used to think the world was flat philosophically, right? So then a guy took the boat, just kept going and didn’t fall off the edge, right?"

When asked if he understands why people are asking about a potential Mariota trade, Kelly kept the shroud on tight despite answering in the affirmative.

“And you can understand,” he quipped, “why I’m not gonna answer you.”

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