Eagles Draft Rumors: Could Philly Land Both Marcus Mariota And Johnny Manziel?

According to New York radio host Mike Francesca, the Philadelphia Eagles' QB depth chart in 2015 could be some combination of Marcus Mariota, Johnny Manziel, and Tim Tebow.

While that may seem far-fetched to a point, Francesca believes it's very possible the Eagles could land both Mariota and Manziel (with Sam Bradford on his way out) before the 2015 NFL Draft comes to a close.

Via NJ.com:

"I happened to be chatting with some folks in the NFL about the draft,'' he began. "This is from a pretty credible source. There is a route being paved by the Eagles to actually go after Mariota. I was not convinced there was, because of how much it would cost, but he has actually tried to create a lane, Chip Kelly, to get from 20 to the top of the draft. Not to one, but maybe two, or three, or four, depending on where he needed to get to, to get to Mariota.

I think he would have to get to two, myself. I still think Winston will be the first player chosen, or traded out of that first pick. I'll just lay the one out for you that I actually heard.

"The Cleveland Browns have the 12 and the 19 and they're interested in (Sam) Bradford. They're interested in Bradford. It would include Manziel going back to the Eagles and Bradford going to the Browns, the 12 and the 19 going to the (Eagles), the 20 going to the (Browns)... one spot doesn't make much difference, but that was the trade as explained to me... and Manziel's contract going to the Eagles.

"If (Kelly) could do that and move up, and give two ones, and next year's one, to move up that high, they'd be giving up three ones to get that high into the draft, and maybe a player. Do the mathematics on it. It would include next year's one and two ones.

"Now remember, Chip Kelly recruited Manziel to Oregon. He tried to bring him to Oregon. And they tell me, guys that I trust, that he is really after Mariota.''

It'd be a blockbuster exchange of talent and draft picks that would lead to such a scenario, but it's not out of the realm of possibility for these Eagles.

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