Are Fans of the Eagles Being too Brutal Towards Reid and Vick?

Every week during an Eagles’ game, my Facebook and Twitter blowup with updates about the game. “Take Vick out,” “It’s the end of the Reid era,” and “Vick loses the ball once again” are common statuses I see. In fact, people aren’t just hiding behind their computers to express their disapproval.

Philly fan Kristalyn Anderson went to Eagles, Falcons game, and could not believe the fans’ behavior. She was completely disgusted by the lack of loyalty they had towards the players. People booed the team as they game went into halftime.

Anderson expressed her feelings in a blog post entitled, “Don’t Kick ‘em While They’re Down.” She writes, “I would have thought we were in Atlanta, that is how unsupported the team was by their ‘fans.’” She also explained how sad it was watching fans leave not just right before the game was over, but before halftime.

On the other hand, it may seem as though the fans were hurting the Eagles, but have the Eagles been hurting the fans.

This is not the first time fans have been disappointed by the Eagles. Last year, fans went into the 2011-2012 season with high hopes for their “dream team.” Unfortunately, the season was lackluster, and fans really started calling for a new head coach.

This season, fans have expressed just as much anger towards the starting quarterback. With 10 fumbles and 9 interceptions this season, people are waiting for someone else to take on the role.

To the dismay of many, Andy Reid has come out saying that he will keep Michael Vick as the starter, even though it seems to be hurting the team.

I, for one agree that the team needs to make some changes. Whether that involves firing Reid, or replacing Vick is something that I am not too sure about.

I am curious though. Eagles’ fan or not, do you think either one would get the Birds some wins, or do you think it is a whole other issue?

Here’s hoping the team can pull it together for today’s game against the Cowboys.

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