5 Players The Eagles Could Trade Away At The 2020 NFL Trade Deadline Ft Alshon Jeffery & Jalen Hurts

The Eagles could be sellers at the 2020 NFL Trade Deadline and Eagles rumors are swirling about which current Eagles on the roster could be traded before November 3rd. Philadelphia has yet to make a move heading into the final weekend before the trade deadline so Eagles Now Host Thomas Mott gives five options that the Eagles could trade on today’s Eagles Now video. 

On the list of Eagles players that could be traded is Jason Kelce. Kelce has been a great Eagle for a very long time, however, some are saying he is the best trade piece the Eagles currently have. How would trading Kelce sit with the rest of the team?

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Would the Eagles trade Jalen Hurts? Hurts was selected in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft, however, some are suggesting that Hurts could be a trade candidate for a team that wants a good young QB. Would Philadelphia be willing to part with Hurts so early?

Full list of news possible Eagles trade pieces
- Jason Kelce
- Alshon Jeffery
- Derek Barnett
- Rodney McLeod
- Jalen Hurts

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