3 Players The Philadelphia Eagles Are Likely To Draft In The 1st Round Are...

The Philadelphia Eagles narrowly missed out on the postseason with a 10-6 record, and after a topsy-turvy offseason, they have several different directions they could go with their first round draft pick. Here are the three players they're targeting:

SS Landon Collins, Alabama

Philadelphia's secondary was atrocious last season, and that's an area they're desperately looking to upgrade. Collins already has pro size at 6’0″ and 228 lbs., which he uses – along with great instincts – to be an absolute force in the running game. He needs to get more consistent in pass coverage, but he has the skills to be an impact player right away for the Colts.

CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest

If Collins is off the board, or if the Eagles have a safety they like later in the draft, they'll likely go after a cornerback to help their secondary. Johnson possesses natural ball skills and is excellent in both man and zone coverage. He still needs to improve in stopping the run, but he’s extremely tough and is a big hitter.

QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon


In a recent interview cited by the Washington Post, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wrung reporters through the wash when asked about a potential trade for his former charge, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota:

“Philosophically? More players are better than one player,” Kelly said. “Philosophically. That’s the history of the game. Study all the trades. What set the Cowboys going forward? They traded one player [Herschel Walker] for multiple players. That’s just: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hitting. It’s not an exact science in the draft. You get a better chance of hitting if you have more draft picks than if you have less draft picks.’ That’s basically it philosophically.”

So Kelly wouldn’t trade up for Mariota based on that philosophy?

“It’s a philosophy,” he said. “There’s an exception to every philosophy. People used to think the world was flat philosophically, right? So then a guy took the boat, just kept going and didn’t fall off the edge, right?”

Kelly remained coy for the remainder of the reporters’ questions, adding that he wasn’t going to straightforwardly answer any questions one way or the other.

He hasn't been shy about his affection for Mariota after recruiting him to Oregon, and there is a strong possibility the Eagles trade up to get him.

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