3 Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft Rumors You Need To Know

The Philadelphia Eagles are a major team to watch as the 2015 NFL Draft approaches, with plenty of intriguing trade scenarios and potential picks being speculated upon by a variety of sources. With that being said, here’s 3 Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft Rumors You Need To Know.

Manziel for Bradford?

According to a source cited by our very own Mack Ferguson, there’s some major intrigue surrounding 2014 Cleveland Browns first-round pick Johnny Manziel and new Eagles QB Sam Bradford:

According to a source very close to an agent involved in the trade talks, the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles have engaged in multiple discussions to send Browns QB Johnny Manziel, who is currently in rehab, and draft picks, to the Eagles in exchange for Eagles QB Sam Bradford, who was recently acquired via trade from the St. Louis Rams.

The Eagles reportedly want both Manziel and one of Cleveland’s two first-rounders, and the Browns have been reluctant to part with such value to pick up the oft-injured Bradford just yet. But, stay tuned.

Chip Kelly Not Tipping His Hand On Marcus Mariota

In a recent interview cited by the Washington Post, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wrung reporters through the wash when asked about a potential trade for his former charge, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota:

“Philosophically? More players are better than one player,” Kelly said. “Philosophically. That’s the history of the game. Study all the trades. What set the Cowboys going forward? They traded one player [Herschel Walker] for multiple players. That’s just: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hitting. It’s not an exact science in the draft. You get a better chance of hitting if you have more draft picks than if you have less draft picks.’ That’s basically it philosophically.”

So Kelly wouldn’t trade up for Mariota based on that philosophy?

“It’s a philosophy,” he said. “There’s an exception to every philosophy. People used to think the world was flat philosophically, right? So then a guy took the boat, just kept going and didn’t fall off the edge, right?”

Kelly remained coy for the remainder of the reporters' questions, adding that he wasn't going to straightforwardly answer any questions one way or the other.

Stay tuned.

Arik Armstead A Target At #20?

If the Philadelphia Eagles stay put at #20 in the first round, one name that could be on their list is Oregon defensive end Arik Armstead.

His connection to Chip Kelly aside, Armstead's frame (6-foot-7, 280+ pounds) and seemingly natural ability to disrupt opposing offensive lines could make him a perfect complement for Fletcher Cox on the Eagles' D-line. Several mock drafts have linked Armstead to Philly in the event Chip Kelly holds pat, so he's definitely a name to watch with less than three weeks to go until the 2015 NFL Draft kicks off.

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