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Analyzing Indiana’s recent transaction history - A Peter Dinwiddie Exercise

With former Indiana Pacers executive Peter Dinwiddie expected to join Philadelphia as the Sixers’ new Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations, I thought it might be instructive to examine the Pacers’ recent transaction history. Now, as Sixers fans know better than anybody, front-office decisions are a collaborative effort. Plus, Kevin Pritchard is the lead front-office decision maker for Indiana, so any credit or blame for moves the team has made starts with him. However, hopefully we can at least start to get an idea of why Dinwiddie is reportedly so well-respected around the league. Although he was employed by Indiana since 2006, I’m only looking at the Pacers’ major transaction history since July 2017, when Dinwiddie was promoted to Senior VP of Basketball Operations, the similar role to what he’ll fill in Philadelphia.