The 11 Ways You Know You Went To Penn State

Chat Sports presents "The 11 Ways You Know You Went To Penn State," a look at the raucous fun and memorable experiences involved with attending Penn State.

1.  You stood in line for Canyon Pizza at two in the morning all the time, but you've never been there before 10 p.m.

2. You partied hard on State Patty’s day AND St. Patrick’s Day.

3.  You know a meteor could hit State College and they still wouldn’t cancel class.

4.  Burrito Monday at Mad Mex was one of your favorite holidays.

5.  You still daydream about the cookies at west halls, and could swear there was cocaine in that soft serve.

6. Your school year was divided up into two seasons: tailgate season and daylong season.

7.  You get angry just thinking about the lockers at the White Building.

8.  You still keep in touch with the kids from your floor in East Halls, even the one who threw up in your closet.

9.  You danced your ass off at Indigo the night before a final exam.

10.  You got yelled at by the Willard Preacher for being a shameful, godless heathen.

11.  SOC 005 with Frank Clemente changed your life.


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