5 Pac-12 Teams With The Highest Attendance In 2015

College football attendance is down overall, but the top schools in the country are still drawing tons of fans each week. With that in mind, here are the 5 Pac-12 Teams With The Highest Attendance In 2015.

(Number represents average # of fans per home game)

5) Arizona State Sun Devils - 52,712 - #38 nationally

The Sun Devils' squandered last year's momentum, finishing 6-7 on the season after a Cactus Bowl loss to West Virginia. Fans responded in kind as the program saw an 8% drop in attendance.

4) Oregon Ducks - 57,631 - #32 nationally

Stop accusing Ducks fans of being a "fair-weather" sort. The sellout streak continues, with the program's above-capacity attendance remaining about level with last year's run to the title game.

3) Washington Huskies - 61,919 - #25 nationally

The Huskies had a solid season under head coach Chris Peterson, but did see a 4% decrease in attendance. Still, they're one of just three programs in the conference drawing 60,000 or more.

2) UCLA Bruins - 66,858 - #22 nationally

The UCLA Bruins were a fantastic story early in the season with freshman sensation Josh Rosen at the reins, but things tapered off as they finished one game short of a Pac-12 title berth. UCLA saw the worst drop-off of the Pac-12 teams on this list, with attendance down 13%.

1) USC Trojans - 75,538 - #18 nationally

Steve Sarkisian gets fired. The team soldiers through turmoil to make the Pac-12 title game. The fans stay loyal while actually increasing their turnout by 3%. USC is the undisputed king of Southern California football, NFL relocation rumors or not.

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