Top Olympians Who Could Compete In Other Sports

Some Olympians specialize in one sport. They train night and day to be the best at the world at that one event. Other Olympians, however, are all around great athletes. They excel at one sport but it seems as if they could take home the gold in several events.

We give you the athletes who could not only win gold in their event, but could probably switch to another sport as well.


Russell Westbrook - New Event: High Jump

The guy has crazy hops.


Abby Wambach - New Sport: Boxing

She has proven that she can take a punch:


Serena Williams - New Sport: Ping Pong

Can you say domination? Serena would win gold purely out of intimidation.


Matt Grevers - New Sport: Volleyball

The tallest swimmer in this years Olympics stands at 6'8 with crazy long arms. He could block everything on the volleyball court and then demolish spikes from high above the other players.


Usain Bolt - New Sport: Soccer

Try stopping the fastest man alive on the soccer pitch. Bolt has actually talked about playing for Manchester United, so this could actually happen.


John Isner - New Sport: Basketball

The tallest Tennis player ever (6'10) could probably start on the hardwood for the majority of countries not named the United States.

[caption id="attachment_341" align="aligncenter" width="306" caption="Isner Dwarfs An Opponent "][/caption]


Tyson Chandler - New Sport: Water Polo

The guy is seven feet tall. He would take up the entire goal, and wouldn't even have to swim in the pool. Water Polo, meet NBA Defensive Player of the Year.


Roger Federer - New Sport: Badminton

Man, how sweet could Federer be in Badminton... a killer serve and lighting forehand would certainly carry him to endless gold medals.


Michael Phelps - New Sport: Water Polo

The greatest Olympic swimmer ever would blaze by everyone in the water polo pool. Breakaways, all day.


Neymar - New Sport: Gymnastics

As you can see, this young Brazilian soccer star is quite a dancer. His skills on the dance floor would translate perfectly to Gymnastics.


LeBron James - New Sport: Everything

We believe that LeBron could be the first athlete to receive a medal in literally every single event.

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