Most disappointing Olympic performances of all time

In the modern sports era, the US media has created some incredible hype around both US and international Olympic athletes trying to boost ratings.

For everyone of these athletes who we hype that do win medals, there are equally as many athletes who fall flat on their faces and fail to meet the worlds expectations.

In memoriam of all of these athletes who have utterly failed to shine in the brightest of spotlights, here are some of the worst olympic performers of all time.

Lolo Jones - In both 2008 and 2012, Lolo Jones was expected to be the gold medalist in the 100m women's hurdles. In 2008, Lolo had a commanding lead in the race and tripped and fell on the 9th hurdle causing her to lose her commanding lead and take 4th in the event. In 2012, Lolo got her shot at redemption, but again failed to meet expectations. This time she ran a clean race, but she was outperformed by the field and again took 4th place in London. Despite being a good runner, Lolo is widely considered the modern Anna Kornikova in that she is a great looking athlete who was never able to come through in the clutch.

2012 US Men's Boxing -

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