Chat Sports Official Drinking Game for the London Olympics

To spice up the London Olympics our greatest minds in the Chat Sports office got together and created the most diabolical drinking game of all time. Keep in mind that this drinking game is not for the meek.

This drinking game, if all rules are followed precisely, should not last very long at all.   The rule have been carefully crafted by the craftiest of bros here in our office, and require sharp minds and sturdy stomachs. Everyone of the rules listed are things that we guarantee you will hear/see, but you must keep out a keen eye to spot them all.

Please keep in mind that Chat Sports does not condone the quick intake of copious amounts of alcohol (unless you invite us first... DUH).  So please make sure that you are careful to invite us to all drinking parties so that that we are there to chaperone and help taste test all alcohol consumed.

To prepare yourself and your buddies for this game you need the following three things: a colorful mixed drink (for the ladies of course), copious amounts of beer (40's of malt liquor is preferred) and a handle of something manly like Jack Daniels or Jager.

If you so choose to take on this mamouth of a drinking game, the rules are as follows:

You must sip your mixed drink if you hear any of the following words:

- Hard Work

- Discipline

- Concentration

- Sacrifice

- World Record

- Proud Sponsor of/Sponsored By

- Struggle

- Perseverance

- Toughness

- Miraculous


Take a shot if:

- USA wins a gold medal

- Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, or the USA Basketball team loses a game/race

- Every time Bob Costas says “Ladies and Gentlemen you are witnessing...”

- An athlete cries

- A soccer player fakes an injury

- They use “clutch” and “LeBron” in the same sentence

- The announcers mention Michael Phelps' gold medals in 2008

- You witness a bike crash

- You witness a flase star in sprinting or swimming

- The announcers mention Lolo Jones' fall in 2008


Chug your beer if:

- USA wins a silver medal

- There is a long training montage of the athletes road to London

- There is a Visa commercial

- To see if you can chug a beer faster than the 100 meter sprinters

- David Beckham or Prince William is shown on TV. Chug two beers if you see the Queen.

Please please please do not attempt this drinking game without us. We really would not want to miss out on this.

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