5 Things You Can Expect In Japan’s Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games are quickly approaching and there is a lot of buzz around the activities that are taking place as the venues are being put together. The host city, Tokyo, Japan, is preparing for a major event that will certainly be a spectacle to rival any of the Olympics that have been seen in the past. Here are five things that you can expect to see in Japan’s Olympics next year.

1. There Will Be a Record Number of Volunteers
One of the most interesting things about the 2020 Olympics is the number of volunteers that will be involved with the event. While the government was initially asking for upwards of 80,000 unpaid volunteers to aid their efforts, it now looks as though that number will swell. Some estimates say that as many as 200,000 Japanese citizens will donate their time and effort to make sure that the games go off without a hitch. That’s amazing considering the population of the country and the labor that is needed to make the whole thing work.

2. You Can Expect a Lot of Dates to Happen in the Village
As always, when you have thousands of hot athletes in one place, there are going to be some dates. While Japan is a traditional nation at heart, it doesn’t seem like there are going to be any barriers to people having hot Japanese chat with locals or fellow athletes in the village. In years past, there have been a lot of people using technology like Tinder and good old fashioned pickup lines to meet dates.

3. The Weather Could Be a Factor
Another thing that is important to watch with regards to these Olympics is the weather. A lot of speculation has gone into the climate of Japan and whether or not it is a good place to hold the summer Olympics because of the potential for excessive heat. With so many activities happening outside and lasting for a long time, there is a potential for sunburn, heat exhaustion, and other weather-related ailments. It’s not clear how the organizers plan to approach this issue, but the sports trainers are going to certainly be busier this time around.

4. New Sports Are Coming
New sports are going to appear at the Olympics for the first time next year. These include surfing, Karate, and sport climbing. These will bring new dimensions to the Olympics and hopefully generate more interest in the games. Yet, there are also new disciplines within the games such as 3 on 3 basketball matches and BMX in a freestyle setting that will show a different side of the most famous sports.

5. Old Sports Are Making a Return
Finally, some of the older games that were taken out of the Olympics are making a triumphant return. In 2020, you can expect to see baseball and softball come back to the games where they will certainly be welcomed in the host nation where the sports are a noteworthy pastime. Both of these sports were removed from the games in 2008 and will be coming back to the summer matches for the foreseeable future as far as the Olympics are concerned.

As you can see, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are slated to be an interested time for everyone involved. While the weather is almost certainly going to have an impact, there are several other things to consider. Most notably, the rise of sports, the hot dates in the Olympic village, and the number of people involved will certainly make this an Olympics that goes down in the record books.

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