35 Twitter Accounts to Follow for the 2012 London Olympic Games

The Olympics have come a long way.

From 776 BC to the 2012 London games, a lot has changed: The sports, the countries and the communication.

The 2012 Olympics could be the very first "Twitter Olympics." Sure, Twitter was around in 2008, but its magnitude and importance has greatly increased in the four years since. Now, more people will follow Olympic news via Twitter than many major news sources.

To make sure you keep up to date and entertained, here are the 35 best Twitter accounts to follow for the 2012 London Olympic games.



Lolo Jones, USA, Track and Field (100-meter Hurdles)

No one has been quicker on the track or the Twitter bandwagon than Lolo. How has she done it? Insights to smelly track tactics and pondering motherhood.




Allyson Felix, USA, Track and Field (100, 200 meters)

Already with one Gold Medal in hand, Allyson Felix is hungry for more. Just look at her tweets if you too want to get motivated to go for gold.



Michael Phelps, USA, Swimming

Phelps has a lot of followers and nearly as many Gold Medals. Follow swimming's goldenboy to see behind the scenes in his quest for his 20th Gold.




Natalie Coughlin, USA, Swimming

Both Twitter and Coughlin hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, so naturally Coughlin adapted to Twitter well. Follow Coughlin on her quest to become the most decorated female athlete in Olympic history.




Alex Morgan, USA, Soccer

Half a million people tune in to each Alex Morgan tweet, more than double that of Phelps. You can't blame them. Morgan tweets about posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. No amount of Gold Medals can top that.



Kerri Walsh, USA, Beach Volleyball

Walsh and teammate @MistyMayTreanor are going for their third straight Gold Medal. The pair has been called the best Beach Volleyball combo ever.




Misty May-Treanor, USA, Beach Volleyball

Follow the back end of this dominant duo to get updates on being a mom and California living. May-Treanor was married to baseball player Matt Treanor in 2004.




Ryan Lochte, USA, Swimming

If you are looking for some lighthearted joshing to ease the intensity of Olympic competition, check out Lochte's page. The chill swimmer takes it easy, but puts on his game face in the pool. Out of the pool, he prefers this look.



Stephanie Rice, Australia, Swimming

This Australian swimmer has taken home three Gold Medals and taken home several new bikinis. Her Twitter followers prefer updates on the bikinis.



Ashton Eaton, USA, Track and Field (Decathlon)

The Decathlon world record holder looks for his first taste of gold at the 2012 games. "The World's Greatest Athlete" doesn't rub in his greatness on Twitter, instead he prefers to thank fans and talk to his girlfriend.



Sanya Richards-Ross, Track and Field (400 meters)

Richards-Ross is a three time Olympian, but might not be the fasted person in her own family. The sprinter is married to NFL Cornerback Aaron Ross. Richards-Ross lets her followers know about everything from whats for dinner to her latest hair style.


Novak Djokovic, Serbia, Tennis

The winner of five Grand Slams, Djokovic is a fiery competitor on the court. Off it, Djokovic is a Djokster. He likes to imitate other players and read a good book. Follow Djokovic for some good humor.



Serena Williams, USA, Tennis

2.8 million followers tune in to Serena's updates on Twitter, making her one of the most followed Olympians. Serena doesn't hide anything and calls it like she sees it, including her take on other player's backsides.



Usain Bolt, Jamaica, Track and Field (100 and 200 meters)

The fastest man ever isn't shy in the tweet world. The self proclaimed most gifted athlete ever gives fans a look at everything from training to Call of Duty games.



Hope Solo, USA, Soccer

The strong willed goalie of the Women's National Team has never been mistaken for being soft spoken. Although she usually sticks to motivational quotes and props to fans, Hope will also tell you the naked truth.




Tyson Gay, USA, Track and Field (100 meters)

Gay, the biggest competitor to Usain Bolt, moves fast on the track and fast on Twitter. The U.S. sprinter has pumped out over 8,000 tweets, many of them thanking fans.




Justin Gatlin, USA, Track and Field (100 meters)

The 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist looks to regain his old form during the 2012 games. In the Twitter-verse, Gatlin is a re-tweeter who likes to thank fans and promote track and field.




Carmelita Jeter, USA, Track and Field (100 meters)

Usain Bolt has the best name for a sprinter, but Carmelita Jeter is a close second. The Jet barely missed out on making the U.S. team for the 2008 games, but could be the favorite for Gold in 2012. Jeter is all over the place on Twitter, with motivational quotes, funny insights into life and ideas for late night hosts.



John Isner, USA, Tennis

The big 6'9 power server hails from Greensboro, N.C. and is making his first Olympic appearance. Isner likes to give his take on sporting events, rep his home state Carolina Panthers and support his Georgia Bulldogs.




Andy Roddick, USA, Tennis

Joining Isner on the U.S. Tennis team is fellow hard hitter Andy Roddick. Roddick has been known to be vocal on the tennis court, but the Twitter-verse is his place to really shine. Roddick holds nothing back.




Kevin Durant, USA, Basketball

KD definitely does Twitter his own way - like a kid. Durant tweets exactly what's on his mind... it could be deep and moving, or quite simple. KD is famous enough on Twitter than even his neighbor, @KD35sneighbor, has 5,000 followers. 


LeBron James, USA, Basketball

King James has had his struggles on the court, but never on Twitter. The recently crowned NBA Champ has over five million followers.




Carmelo Anthony, USA, Basketball

Melo led the 2008 Olympic team in scoring and is back for another run with the Dream Team. On Twitter, Melo gives you a real look at the Olympic team. Melo is himself on Twitter and doesn't fake it. Follow him for videos, pictures and updates.



Kevin Love, USA, Basketball

K-Love loves giving fans behind the scenes pictures of the USA Basketball life. His pics should get even better, as Love just today stepped up his Twitter picture game from regular Twitpic to Instagram. Follow Love for some sarcastic humor and some cool pictures.



Chris Paul, USA, Basketball

CP3 gives his 1.3 million followers a nice mix of both inside pictures and humor.




Maya Moore, USA, Basketball

One of the best players in the WNBA, Moore is always upbeat and ready to put her best foot forward. Moore loves spreading the WNBA and interacting with fans.



Andy Murray, United Kingdom, Tennis

Murray is straight and to the point on his Twitter: "I play tennis." Other than that, Murray also keeps the fans entertained with pictures and some humor.



LaShawn Merrit, USA, Track and Field (400 meters)

This two time Gold Medalist can be motivational on Twitter, but also has some deep stuff. Merritt will tweet about all sorts of aspects of life. Be ready to put on a thinking cap if you follow Merritt.




Oscar Pistorius, South Africa, Track and Field (400 meters)

Pistorius is one of the most inspirational stories at the 2012 Olympics. The double-amputee runs with two prosthetic legs and will be challenging for a Gold Medal in the Olympics. Pistorius, a South African, tweets to his fans and is clearly glad to be an Olympian.



Cullen Jones, USA, Swimming

Jones, part of the incredible 4x100 team at the 2008 games, is a good Olympic follow. Jones will give you motivational quotes, but he also likes to converse with his swimming teammates on the Twitter-verse.




Jordyn Wieber, USA, Gymnastics

The recently crowned World Champ leads a new wave of U.S. Women's gymnastics onto the big stage. Wieber said one of her major goals was to win a World Championship. Another goal? Meet Justin Bieber.




Gabrielle Douglas, USA, Gymnastics

This 16 year old couldn't be happier to be an Olympian. Douglas' Twitter is filled with things 16 year-olds normally tweet about, except for the whole being an Olympian thing.



John Orozco, USA, Gymnastics

Orozco is inspirational in many ways. The 19 year old Puerto Rican born Gymnast takes his inspiration to Twitter to inspire his fans and represent the sport of Gymnastics. Orozco also tweets about his daily happenings, giving followers a look into the life of an Olympian.



Meg Keflezighi, USA, Marathon

This American Marathon runner uses Twitter to give followers updates on training and promote distance running. Meb is always quick to thank fans and give the glory to God. Meb is a good follow for anyone interested in distance running.



Maria Michta, USA, Race Walking

Maria Michta might be the least followed person on this list, and she might compete in the most unorthodox sport, but Michta is a great follow for those looking to see into the life of a regular, everyday person who makes the Olympics. Michta will be representing the U.S. in the Race Walking event.


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