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The Best Overreactions to OSU’s Season-Opening Win Over Oregon State

Chuba is Reggie Bush reincarnated. Spencer Sanders has a Heisman in his future. The OSU defense is maybe the worst it has ever been in the Mike Gundy era.

Those are just a few of the knee-jerk reactions — and let’s face it, overreactions — that at one time or another crossed my mind late on Friday night as the Cowboys push Oregon State into 52-36 submission.

Here are the others, along with some more fleshed out musings from my aforementioned ramblings.

1. Tylan might actually be the GOAT

Reaction level: Maybe

I know, I know, the list of GOATs in OSU’s history at receiver is long: Justin Blackmon, Rashaun Woods, Dez Bryant, Hart Lee Dykes, James Washington.