Metta World Peace is Legally Insane: Whacky Interview With Press (Video)

In an interview with the the press today, Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace proved that not only is he the dirtiest player in the NBA but he is also legally insane.

When talking with reporters, World Peace claims that he was not nervous at all entering Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder because the women in the stadium are so beautiful. He complimented the OKC women for "looking good without makeup"

Metta is clearly trying to stir up some controversy with the Oklahoma City fan-base who already despises him for flagrantly elbowing Oklahoma City's James Harden a few weeks ago. While World Peace did serve a several game suspension, the OKC fans are still calling for Metta's head.

This interview with Metta World Peace is so bizarre and awkward that there really is only one logical conclusion to make... He is just bat-shit insane. World Peace is a thug and is trying to cause a stir to unnerve the OKC fans and players. Watch this video for-yourself to see just how crazy this man truly is.

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