Kevin Durant Offered Insane Contract By Under Armour To Leave Nike

If this next bit of news is any indication, Kevin Durant is going to be an insanely rich man between his endorsement deals and upcoming free agency after the 2015-16 NBA season.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Under Armour has just offered Durant a deal that radically dwarfs his current playing contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder - an agreement that would signal the end of Durant's partnership with Nike:

Per Rovell, the contract would extend over ten years and would mark a huge financial commitment for Under Armour. His annual take-home of $26.5-$28.5 million would cost the company about ten percent of their current marketing budget - a high cost for a company that currently makes around one percent of its revenue from basketball shoes.

Due to the fact that Under Armour's current business model incorporates a very small basketball division, the company will have to guarantee Durant his money up front rather than offering him a minimun guarantee plus royalties.

If Nike matches (which is unlikely at this point), Under Armour can't legally sign Durant to a contract. However, if Nike offers the perennial All-Star a lower guarantee plus royalties, Durant is still able to choose Nike over Under Armour at his behest.


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