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Threat Level Can Only Tell You to Buckle Up, Because It's Gonna Get Worse/Better From Here

Essentially the purpose of Threat Level: Michigan is for yours truly to pair approximately 500 words of really dumb/mean jokes about Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines with a C- level photo edit once a week and kind of just coast on that for several months. Usually it works out pretty well for me because Michigan provides a lot (and I mean a lot) of fodder for this kind of thing.


I'm not gonna sit here and make fun of Ronnie Bell. That just sucks, man. Your team plays reasonably well in a hostile environment against a legitimately quality opponent, you get good field position at the end of the game needing a touchdown to tie it up, the offense drives right down to the endzone, and on 4th-and-goal your beleaguered quarterback miraculously hucks a pass right into your breadbasket.