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Cornelius Green Discusses His Four Rose Bowls, Dawand Jones Offers to Help the Basketball Team, and Drue Chrisman Goes After a Bottle Flipping Record

Whenever Ohio winters get you down, remember that it could always suck significantly more than it currently does.


This timelapse best depicts the snowfall that parts of Eastern Newfoundland experienced yesterday. Unfathomable.

— Yoni (@OriginalYoni) January 19, 2020

Word of the Day: Hyperborean.

STILL SMELLING THE ROSES. Buckeye legend Cornelius Green played in more Rose Bowls in his four years of eligibility than half the Big Ten has in its entire existence.

It's an insane achievement, but get him talking about it and the conversation quickly shifts towards his success against the north, just like it did during his interview with Nicholas Jackson at HowFirmThyFriendship.