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BTN's Rivalry Programming Featuring Best of Ohio State–Michigan is Short on Michigan Success As One Would Expect

When BTN announced a full day of “Michigan vs. Ohio State” programming, it begged an immediate question: how on earth will the network find enough high-definition football footage to make this interesting for Michigan fans? After all, the Wolverines have just one win in the series in nearly two decades.

It turns out, the network couldn't.

With BTN airing 24 hours of “legendary games and features on the rivalry's biggest players and moments,” Ohio State fans are in for a treat with several recent games from the greatest rivalry in sport to re-watch.

For Michigan fans, they'll get that one win – aired three times on BTN in the first nine hours of the event – a basketball game, and some grainy footage of the Wolverines' 1997 title run, which incidentally is a shared title.