9 Reasons Why You Know You Went To Ohio State

Ohio State is the best school in the world, but there are some things about the school you just have to experience by going to school there - the kind of things that alumni remember and hold dear for their entire lives. Here are 10 of the ways you know you went to Ohio State:

1) You correct everyone who doesn't call it THE Ohio State University

2) You know you're definitely smarter than anyone who ever went to Michigan

3) Best Band in the Land

4) You're used to seeing albino squirrels

5) The 'Shoe is your favorite place

6) You've definitely jumped in here

7) You may have run into the (now former) president of the university at a house party

8) You've done a bar crawl with 10,000+ of your fellow graduates

9) You do O-H-I-O everywhere you go!

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