5 Ways You Know You Went To OU

By Katelyn Lemen, Chat Sports Campus Ambassador at Ohio University

Ohio University is a very special place. We have special traditions that no other schools understand. Our student body and alumni pride themselves in being apart of a Bobcat family. Below is a list of things all current and past Bobcats know all too well.

1. Spring semester is better known as Fest Season

Almost every weekend in the spring, a street around campus is host to a huge street party. 

2. You’ve been to an Ohio Hockey game at least once- and loved it

Ohio hockey fans are dedicated. If you’ve been to a game, you’ve seen the guy in the kilt encouraging everyone to dance to “Y.M.C.A.”.

3. You’ve stayed at a football game to watch the Marching 110

There is a reason they have been voted the “Best Marching Band” numerous times. 

4. You’ve ordered D.P. Dough at 3 a.m.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on Court Street all night or not- D.P. Dough at 3 a.m. always sounds good.

5. No matter if the Bobcats win or lose, Court Street will be packed

There’s no shortage of places to go after a devastating loss or after a big win - Court Street is home to 14 bars.

These are just a few of the many ways you know you went to Ohio University. Every Bobcat has a unique and memorable experience.

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