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Tough Khuestion: What Does The Future Hold For Khris Davis?

Few can agree on what 2020 will look like for Khris Davis but most can find common ground in conceding that 2019 was not good. It wasn’t “Chris Davis” bad, but as mediocre as it was statistically (.220/.293/.387, 23 HRs), it was harder to watch.

A hip injury, a contract extension, a HBP on the hand, and a wRC+ of 64 in the season’s second half while slugging all of .327. The A’s insist Davis ended the season healthy. No one, however, suggested “healthy and happy”.

If you’re worried that Davis has fallen off a cliff never to shine again (we call that “pulling a Chone Figgins”), take solace in the fact that the A’s slugger is only 31.