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Elephant Rumblings: Treinen, Profar remain on trade block for A’s ahead of non-tender deadline

From their Age-23 to Age-27 seasons

Trout: .305/.435/.605, 183 OPS+
Mantle: .322/.448/.616, 190 OPS+

Trout: 187 HR, 445 RBI, 98 SB/22 CS
Mantle: 196 HR, 495 RBI, 73 SB/11 CS

Trout: +42 TZ, +12 DRS
Mantle: +15 TZ, ??? DRS

Trout: 44.9 rWAR, 2x MVP
Mantle: 47.4 rWAR, 2x MVP— Foolish Baseball (@FoolishBB) December 1, 2019

Stat that @jaysonst would like: Since 2014, only one player, who has qualified for the batting title, has had five seasons of hitting below .250: Khris Davis. Only one player has had four seasons: Chris Davis.