3 Trades The Oakland A's Could Make At The Trade Deadline

We're less than three weeks away from the 2015 MLB trade deadline, which means there are plenty of rumors swirling around the Oakland Athletics and what they might do on the trade market. Here are three trades they could make at the deadline:

Trade Ben Zobrist to the Mets for several prospects

It's no secret that the Oakland A's will be active as a seller before the July 31st MLB trade deadline, especially with GM Billy Beane's extensive track record for facilitating quick, whirlwind overhauls.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, "(Mets GM) Sandy Alderson recently stated he was willing to “overpay” for the right hitter to help his lineup. When he said that, he had one player in mind — Ben Zobrist, The Post has learned."

Beane loves trading players for numerous prospects, and expect him to do something similar with Zobrist.

Trade Sonny Gray to the Yankees for C Gary Sanchez, prospect

The Yankees are searching high and low to add a starting pitcher at the deadline, and while they may not want to give up what it will take to acquire a top line pitcher, Gray is someone they can get for relatively cheap. The A's will be big-time sellers at the deadline, so as long as the Yankees are willing to give up a prospect or two, a deal shouldn't be hard to reach.

Trade Ben Zobrist to Yankees for SS Abiatal Avelino, RHP Nathan Eovaldi

Avelino is one of the best prospects in the Yankees farm system, and the A's desperately need an upgrade at shortstop since Marcus Siemen, who leads the league in errors. Billy Beane loves to load up on cheap, talented prospects, and the Yankees would gladly give up these two for a player of Zobrist's hitting and versatility in the field.

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