MUST SEE: Texas Fan Thanks Classy Irish Fans In Letter Published By ND Campus Newspaper

Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans had plenty to crow about during the team's 38-3 blowout of the Texas Longhorns in South Bend on Saturday. However, they kept it classy in the stands at Notre Dame Stadium -- so much so that one Longhorns fan took the time to write in to Notre Dame student-run newspaper The Observer to express thanks for Irish fans' "remarkable hospitality and generosity."

Via The Observer's website:

As one of the thousands of Texas Longhorn fans who attended the Notre Dame-UT game on Saturday, I’d like to thank the University, their employees and the Notre Dame fans for the remarkable hospitality and generosity my family and I received during our time on campus and at the game. From the moment we arrived on campus through our walk of shame back to the car, we were treated with nothing but kindness, great cheer and good-natured kidding. I’ve ventured into “enemy territory” many times over the years attending Texas road games and I can promise you that Notre Dame towers above them all in terms of sportsmanship and cordiality and that watching a game at Notre Dame Stadium is the most extraordinary, tradition-laden, emotional college football experience I’ve had. I hope many of you can venture down to Austin next year and that you receive the same great welcome I experienced (and, of course, the same walk of shame afterwards). Hook ’em Horns!

Terry Bader

Texas fan

Sept. 8

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