Zaire is Ready for Notre Dame

Malik Zaire gets it. He knows that there is more to college than football. Zaire accepted a scholarship offer and verbally committed to the University of Notre Dame in March. He'll join a quarterback stable filled with controversy this spring. There are four viable options to start, but when the lefty QB steps on campus, he is going to push everyone and make them better. The fans are concerned with who will win this year's position battle, but there hasn't been a lot of thought about what Malik's presence will mean for the position when he arrives. Malik has his goal set. And that is to hold the, "honor of being the next great Notre Dame quarterback." During's exclusive interview with Zaire he made it clear that he is a quarterback. Zaire is the fourth best dual threat quarterback in his class according to 247sports, to be specific.

[caption id="attachment_231" align="alignright" width="243" caption="Zaire will play quarterback for Irish when he makes his way to campus."][/caption]

Zaire is a solid Notre Dame commit, saying that he doesn't, "plan to visit any other schools." And that he is, "comfortable staying with Notre Dame." Malik chose Notre Dame because he liked the feel to the University, the genuine approach the coaches took to his recruitment and the fact that he feels he can make an impact. The combination of these factors and the football program as a whole, "sold me on Notre Dame and made me fall in love." The fact that he talks to either Coach Kelly, Martin or Alford, "every week or two," and his love for the school has led Malik to recruit other players in his class to Notre Dame, including Ezekiel Elliott and others. The fact that he took the initiative to help his University before he even enrolls shows that he is a leader- an essential quality for any quarterback. A lot of kid's listen to music to get in a good mindset before games, but Malik doesn't because he's, "more of a calm type of kid when it comes to that stuff." Malik doesn't need music to put him in the zone, he does that with his own motivation. He's cool, calm and collected- all necessary for major D1 quarterbacks.

[caption id="attachment_232" align="alignright" width="176" caption="Zaire plays like Michael Vick, and might play in the same league as him one day"][/caption]

Malik's playing time situation is a tricky one. Malik knows there will be competition for him. He knew that when he accepted the Irish offer, and he welcomes that. He hopes he will have worked hard enough to not redshirt, saying, "I'm going to give it all I have so we won't get to that point." It is known that Malik wanted a fair shot to play quarterback in college, and the coaching staff has assured him he will have the chance to compete and play. Watching his highlights, it wouldn't be shocking if Malik does get early playing time and makes an impact, as he is an absolute monster on the field. Malik said that his favorite football player of all time, "would definitely have to be Mike Vick," adding, "I model my game after him." By the looks of it, Zaire has done a good job of emulating Vick. He can do everything at the quarterback position and will definitely have an impact for the Irish.

Zaire is a Kansas City Chiefs fan because he, "grew up liking Trent Green and Priest Holmes." If he can dominate college football the same way he has dominated high school, he may one day find himself on the Chiefs or another NFL team's roster.

A possible science major, Zaire is a great pickup for the Irish and will help the program land other elite recruits. He's a four star prospect for now, and a five star individual. Malik has a good head on his shoulders and will be a benefit to the football program and University for years to come.

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