The wait is over: ND and USC battle it out under the lights tomorrow in Notre Dame Stadium

This is the game we’ve all been waiting for.

Exactly how long have we been waiting? Well, it depends on what each of us is more excited about tomorrow.

If it’s attending a night game in Notre Dame Stadium, then it has been 21 years, one month, and seven days.

If it’s battling it out against our ultimate rival, USC, then it has been 10 months and 25 days.

If it’s just being back in Notre Dame Stadium again, then it has only been 14 days.

Regardless of which way we’re choosing to look at it, there’s one thing that’s for sure across the board. Tomorrow the wait is over and I have a feeling the game will be well worth every second we’ve been counting down to it.

There’s something special about night games that really makes the atmosphere that much more alive and intense. After traveling to the Big House this year and experiencing that electric environment, I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like under the lights in Notre Dame Stadium.

Even better, there’s a natural fire and spark every time we play the enemy Trojans. Our last taste of USC was a comeback, thrilling victory under the lights in the Coliseum last year, so we’re looking for a repeat performance tomorrow on our own field.

Just in case it may have slipped your mind, here is a clip of the winning drive from last year’s game. I was there and nothing felt better than walking out of that stadium with Irish pride and a win.

The year before that, when the Trojans charged into South Bend, the pep rally for it was certainly one that none of us who were there will ever forget. Rocket Ismail gave an electrifying speech. Remember how I mentioned the intensity that comes along with playing USC? Here’s a perfect example of that.

So, to say the least, the hype for this game against the Trojans is extreme. The energy on campus is already building and it’s just the beginning. As students continue coming back from fall break and as kickoff inches closer, it will only get more and more intense.

Notre Dame (4-2) vs USC (5-1). Night game. Need I say more?

Tomorrow night will be a historic night in Notre Dame stadium. Tune in at 7:30 EST on NBC to see what will no doubt be a great game.

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