The Top 5 Places To Eat On Your Football Pilgrimage To South Bend

The college football pilgrimage to South Bend, Indiana is a right of passage for any true college football know, wake up the echoes, and all. People tend to agree that Notre Dame fans are among the most hospitable in the country, so even if you're rooting against the Irish, you should still make the trip and see what South Bend has to offer - if you're in town for a game, here are The Top 5 Places To Eat On Your Football Pilgrimage.

5. Rocco's Restaurant

There are an awful lot of pizza places in South Bend, but there are just a few that are actually worth your time.

Rocco's is the best of those few. It's not a fancy establishment, and you will not be remotely thrilled with their service - but damn, can they make a pizza.

537 N St. Louis Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617

4. Knights of Columbus steak sandwiches

OK, so this technically isn't an establishment, but it's still more than worthy of a mention. You may be turned off by the line that seemingly stretches as far as the eye can see, but these guys are that popular for a very good reason.

You can find these guys on the South Quad anytime after 10 a.m. on gameday - they're impossible to miss thanks to the line.

On campus in the South Quad

3. Cambodian Thai

Interesting name, we know. However out of place a fantastic Thai restaurant seems in South Bend, Cambodian Thai is just that.

It's cheap - although not open late - and it's one of the few great non-chain establishments in the city. Don't leave without trying the house specialty: Drunken Noodles.

229 S Michigan St. South Bend, IN 46601

2. CJ's Pub

If Rocco's is the pizza place, CJ's in THE burger place. That's bold, italicized and capitalized. Their menu claims they serve "The best burgers in South Bend," and that statement is 100 percent factually accurate. They have 20 some-odd burgers, and you can't go wrong - as long as you remember to order a side of waffle fries.

236 S Michigan St. South Bend, IN 46601

1. Fiddler's Hearth

Here's the thing about Fiddler's Hearth: It's probably not the best food in South Bend. It's probably not the most popular place in South Bend either. But dammit, it's Irish. It's Irish food in the unofficial Irish capital of the country, and if you haven't had an Irish breakfast before, you are missing out. Period. Because here's the thing about Irish food: they fry EVERYTHING. It's sensational, and this is the place to go for it.

127 N Main St. South Bend, IN 46601

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