The top-5 male party dorms at Notre Dame

Much to my chagrin, Notre Dame has no greek life. Now don't get me wrong, I get it. Greek life is, in a lot of ways, the devils spawn. But believe you me, Notre Dame likes to pretend it has fraternities.

These come in the form of dormitories, which students are randomly assigned to before their freshman year and where they usually remain for all four years of their time in South Bend. With no fraternity parties to go to, dorm parties become the place to be, and they are not your typical dorm party.

There are kegs, there are coolers made from modified trash cans, furniture is pushed up against the walls, creating a de facto dance floor in the middle. As long as the door stays closed and people don't spill and mill about in the hallways, you generally won't get in any trouble. But the question is, which dorm parties the hardest. Here are my rankings, which are right, so deal with it or comment at the bottom.

5. Zahm House

This is definitely the most polarizing one. They actually petitioned to get their name changed from "Hall" to "House" and succeeded, cementing their reputation as frat. Basically you either think these guys are the shit or a bunch of sleazeballs or both.

4. Dillion Hall

Basically the same as Alumni Hall (actually literally constructed at the same time with roughly the same design) but just a little less cool.

3. Alumni Hall

Jerome "The Bus" Bettis lived there. So did Jeff Samardzija. Say it with me: "Samardzija."

2. Carroll Hall

They like to call themselves "Notre Dame's only fraternity," which is mind-bogglingly arrogant but also quite fratty, so...

1. Sorin College

They have the most relaxed rules, hence get away with the most, hence have the best parties. It's science.

- Dean Thompson

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