Offseason Recap

While the Irish brought in one of the best recruiting classes, in recent weeks several setbacks have taken place for the Irish program. The loss of former five star prospects Gunner Kiel and Davonte' Neal are losses that certainly stings for Notre Dame fans around the world. Justin Ferguson, a freshman who a few fans thought could potentially

[caption id="attachment_422" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Many fans had high expectations for Neal, but he is no longer with the program. "]Neal[/caption]

contribute down the line, also left the program.

The loss of these players, while certainly not positive, may not be as negative as they are made out to be. The loss of Kiel at quarterback certainly speaks to the depth Coach Kelly and staff are building for the Irish. With returning starter Everett Golson having three more years of eligibility remaining, as well as the addition of stud recruit Malik Zaire, quarterback has sufficient depth on the Notre Dame roster and the loss of Gunner is not program-changing.

Losing Davonte' Neal is the loss that undoubtedly hurts the most. Many projected Neal to break out in his sophomore season with the departure of Robby Toma. Neal is the type of athlete Notre Dame had not signed in years, with blazing speed and play making ability. Unfortunately, his Irish career has been cut short for personal reasons. He contributed returning punts last season. Expected to fill out Neal's role is C.J. Prosise, a converted safety who redshirted last season. With his build and ability, many believe Prosise could turn some heads at receiver.

Transfers happen to every program and it is important to remember this is not the end of the world for the Irish program. Last year they made it to the National championship with minimal contributions from these players. It is best to wish the young men who have left the program the best of luck in their personal ventures and focus on the bright future

[caption id="attachment_423" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Prosise could step into Neal's role and excel next year thanks to his athleticism"]Prosise[/caption]

of Notre Dame football.

The silver lining in all of this is that more scholarships have opened up. With a season similar to last one's, there is no reason to believe the coaching staff can not pull in another top five recruiting class that will add both talent and depth.

The future of Notre Dame football remains bright.

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